Bass Pro Shops 2nd Shift Gel Coat Sprayer in Clinton, Missouri

General :

This position applies gel coat to production hull and deck molds by using hand operated spray equipment.

Tools and Equipment :

Various pistol grip type spray guns, hand tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, utility knives, spray pump systems, protective equipment such as coverall Tyvek suits, head socks, rubber gloves, air supplied spray hoods or respirators, and safety glasses with sides shields.

Duties :

  • Perform a pre-spray check of spray equipment and material to insure proper operation and appropriate color

  • Perform final cleaning of mold surfaces with a tack cloth

  • Help push mold into booth

  • Operate spray gun to apply various coats of gel coat to the molds. Specific amounts of gel coat must be applied and are measured with a mill gauge. Specifications as to percentage of coverage of metal flake are required and checked visually

  • Perform daily cleaning and minor maintenance routines on the spray guns

  • Keep work area clean, safe, and hazard free

  • Other duties as assigned