IDEX Data Analyst 1 (Earth City, MO) in Earth City, Missouri

Title: Data Analyst 1 (Earth City, MO)

Business Unit: ADS


13266 Lakefront Drive

Earth City, Missouri, 63045

United States

Overall Purpose

This position develops a candidate’s skills needed to qualify as a Data Analyst. A Data Analyst must work in conjunction with designated personnel to analyze data which may include sanitary, combined, and storm sewer flow data, sewer system evaluation survey data, collection, system schematics, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) records, rain data, pump station data, real-time data, and other pertinent information required. The analyst prepares data and reports for the client. The Data Analyst develops a general understanding of the analysis process, sensor basics, and typical field monitor installation, including an on-site visit to a field project.

Job Responsibilities

_Analysis: _

1. Demonstrate a strong understanding of mathematics and basic statistics.

2. Demonstrate a good understanding of basic hydraulics, especially as related to measurement of flow in sewer systems.

3. Analyze data for calibration, trends, patterns, and outliers; using graphical and statistical analysis.

4. Follow standard processes for routine data processing and preparation of data for review and audits.

5. Demonstrate good attention to detail and an ability to organize and handle multiple tasks.

6. Demonstrate a good understanding of a typical field monitor installation, including an on-site visit to a flow monitor location accompanied by an experience field crew.

7. Demonstrate a good understanding of the methods of flow monitoring, including field procedures.

_Troubleshooting: _

1. Identify problems with data and propose solutions to correct persistent problems.

2. Communicate effectively in writing and verbally, both in person and remotely with field personnel, technicians, co-workers, and management.

_Computer Skills: _

1. Familiarity with standard ADS hardware and software configurations.

2. Complete basic data maintenance functions such as backup, archive, restore, combine, and cut.

3. Learn and utilize new software packages for analysis of data.

4. Competency with standard corporate software for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and graphic processing.

_Presentation Skills: _

1. Assist in final report preparation; producing work of professional quality, accurate and timely.

2. Complete or assist special projects as required.

3. Travel may be required on occasion to support specific projects.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

BA/BS in a field related to either the environment or civil engineering is preferred. Degree fields with a strong emphasis on mathematics or physical sciences are acceptable. Equivalent work experience is also acceptable. Understanding of ADS product lines, services, and software is a plus. Familiarity with databases or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is desirable.

Strong mathematical, analytical reasoning and understanding of hydraulic principles are necessary. Proficiency with computers is essential; including understanding of off-the-shelf packages for word and data processing. Strong written and verbal skills are essential.

IDEX is an equal opportunity employer Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

REQ ID: 2077