Silgan Containers Corporation Customer Equipment Service Representative in Kansas City, Missouri

Exciting Customer Equipment Service (CES) Representative opportunity with Silgan Containers, the largest provider of metal food packaging in the US. This position will initially train in Oconomowoc, WI. Travel requirements for this position averages 50%. Our CES Representatives provide technical and mechanical support to our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure quality “Double Seams” and resultant hermetic seals are achieved. Responsibilities would include reviewing customers “Double Seams” and making recommendations for ensuring commercial acceptability. This involves coordination of work on container design, specifications, handling and processing in an effort to maintain successful customer operations. The Customer Equipment Service Rep interacts with all departments/levels of the Silgan organization and Quality Assurance, Maintenance and the Management at the customer to accomplish this task.


  • Know and apply written safety procedures and take appropriate action to maintain a safe work environment with established standards and guidelines within Silgan Containers and customer work environments¨

  • Provide routine visits to our customers to review double seam quality¨

  • Provide feedback to Silgan Containers on the double seam performance of our containers¨

  • Troubleshooting customer double seams¨

  • Train customer management, quality control and mechanics in the evaluation of double seams¨

  • Train mechanics in proper procedures of adjusting and maintaining double seam quality¨

  • Train mechanics on audits and preventative maintenance of their equipment¨

  • Provide emergency support to customers on double seam and/or closing machine problems¨

  • Perform test runs at our customers in regards to double seam formation on packaging projects¨

  • Assist Customer Technical Service with investigations of spoilage issues with our customers


  • Previous experience in Closing Machine Service or related field.¨

  • Strong mechanical skills with basic electrical and machinist skills¨

  • Knowledge of container/end fabrication technology (training provided)¨

  • Ability to travel on business¨

  • An ability to listen attentively¨

  • Project management skills¨

  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing¨

  • Computer proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software


  • Exposure to high noise conditions in Silgan and/or customer manufacturing facilities¨

  • Exposure to operating machinery in Silgan and/or customer manufacturing facilities¨

  • Occasional exposure to hazardous chemicals and/or solvents¨

  • Occasional exposure to biohazards

Requisition ID: 9429