Bi-State Development Track Maintainer I in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description


Must perform track work functions and other duties as assigned in a safe, orderly and productive manner. The position requires the ability to safely operate high-rail, on-track and other vehicles necessary for the performance of track maintenance and repair. Must follow the instructions of Central Control while working on or near the right-of-way. Track Maintainers must be qualified on the MetroLink Safety Rules for Maintenance-of-Way (MOW) employees.

Essential Outcomes:

  • Installs, inspects, maintains, repairs, and replaces as required all components related to the track and roadbed of the Metro Link right-of-way. This includes but not limited to rail sections, switch points, frogs, stock rails, ties, bridge and switch timbers, tie plates, cut spikes, and other fasteners.
  • Performs routine and emergency track maintenance and repair, including but not limited to, tamping, rail replacement, rail alignment, and track panel installation.
  • Operates equipment and vehicles as required in the performance of track maintenance functions, including tamping machines, on-track ballast regulator, cranes, backhoe and other equipment required for MOW work.
  • Assists other workers in routine and emergency situations affecting the movement of trains over the right-of-way.

Work hours: 6:30 pm- 2:30 am

Days off: Saturday & Sunday

Required Skills

  • No more than one (1) preventable accident for 24 months prior to job bid.
  • Ability to perform all duties safely, efficiently and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations with minimum supervision. This includes the ability to operate any required vehicles or equipment required high rail, on track and other vehicles for Maintenance-Of-Way work.
  • Successfully pass the MetroLink Operating Rules Examination for Maintenance-Of-Way employees and Standard Operating Procedures. Employees are to be high-rail and flag qualified.
  • Must possess knowledge of first aid and safety practices and be able to demonstrate the same.
  • License: Possession of a current, valid Class A Commercial Drivers License is a requirement to hold this position and shall be acquired by the end of qualification period.
  • Ability to perform the heavy physical requirements of the job, such as lifting rail parts and equipment weighing up to one hundred (100) pounds, and assisting in the loading, unloading and movement of ties, rails and other heavy objects weighing over 100 pounds.
  • Must be able to pass qualifying test.
  • Must be able to pass Essential Functions test.
  • Successful completion of training program and post-training qualification period.
  • Call-out on a 24-hour basis in critical and emergency situations.

Tracking Code: 292831-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular